Girls Pulls the Trigger


We begin this episode following Hannah (Lena Dunham) apartment hunting in Iowa City. Hannah is amazed that an apartment bigger than her NYC one is just $250 a month, a great steal. But asks what she could get with $800. Then we see her in shock as the realtor shows her a house she can rent for $800 a month and she takes it. Later we see her biking through the Iowa university campus till she comes to a complete stop and falls awkwardly to one side. Meeting one of her fellow writing workshop cohorts (Desiree Akhavan) as tells Hannah that no one locks their bikes up in Iowa City, I mean, it’s Iowa City.


Back from campus, Hannah video calls Marnie (Allison Willams) and gives her a virtual house tour. Still mind blown by the price of the house and her new healthy eating habits, Hannah tries to convince Marnie to start the revolution and move to Iowa City with her. Marine immediately says no and let’s Hannah know that this conversation won’t be all about her asking about Adam updates, she will only divulge important details like if he ever ends up in the emergency room or something. All this going on while Marnie is knitting a scarf for Desi so he can always have something of her near him. Hannah has to wake her up and remind Marine that he has a girlfriend. Marine then goes on a mini rant that that’s why she hasn’t told anyone else because everyone judges so harshly. Suddenly, their connection goes and Hannah left all alone to get her grapes. I want to go to Iowa City if rent is that fucking cheap.


We rejoin Hannah buying her school materials at the book store and trying to make conversation with the cashier in her special rude way, making fun of undergrads. The clerk really doesn’t understand her sarcastic sense of humor and tries to get her out ASAP. Only the credit card Hannah gives him doesn’t work and he needs to call Amex. He really doesn’t want too but Hannah doesn’t have another credit card and would like him to ring them up, he does this begrudgingly. This scene was kind of useless. I guess you get the sense that people there don’t understand her but it really should have been left out.

We then return with Hannah outside her place trying to get a phone signal. When a pass byer informs her that her neighborhood is a dead zone, the connection comes and goes and invites her to the Yacht club for a battle of the bands. We end the day with Hannah alone in her room restless and lonely while looking through old pictures of Adam and her. Suddenly, she hears something in the house and goes to investigate. Turns out, she has a bat in her house. She runs outside screaming and unfortunately locks herself out forcing her to climb back in through a window.  She spends the night locked in her bathroom scared shitless about the bat.


The next morning, she wakes up late and rushes to her fiction writing course wearing her pajamas, looks comfy as fuck. We begin class as her cohort D. August (Ato Essandoh) reads out loud his piece. After, the rest of class has to critic it but everyone loves the raw poetry of the piece, only accolades for this guy.

Then it’s Hannah’s turn, but before she reads her piece, she warns everyone that her essay maybe too much for some people. Her essay “Contact” turns out to be about a sexual, almost physically abusive encounter about her character asking her partner to punch her in the chest during sex. Afterwards, the other students rip her essay apart, calling it a privileged white girl story asking someone to take advantage and that it’s too much based on Hannah since the character’s name is Anna and she has eat every two hours or she will pass out, something Hannah has always said throughout the series. One girl says it belittles sexual/physical abuse and her new friend couldn’t really critic it because it was Hannah in the story, it’s supposed to be fiction piece. Hannah finds it really hard to just sit there and listen, so she constantly interrupts, even when the professor tells her not to. She just can’t take constructive criticism. After all is said, D. August comes to the rescue, saying if this is about her so what? It’s her voice and her piece, everyone agrees and class is over.

After class, D. August invites her to the Foxhead, a local bar near campus. But Hannah says no since she has to go back and work on her piece. But D. August knows that she really just wants to go have a pity party and tells her to show up at the Foxhead, don’t let this get her down because stuff like that constantly happens here, trust him. He then leaves and Hannah discovers her bike was stolen, I thought Iowa was safe.


At the bar, Hannah is drinking with her cohorts and half listening to some pretentious bullshit when it’s one of them leaves and it’s just her and Logan, (Marin Ireland) the girl that said her essay trivialized physical abuse. Hannah begin explain how misunderstood she felt during class since no one liked her essay and misinterpreted it. Logan tries to explain that later if Hannah gets published she can’t go around the nation trying to explain why she wrote something to each individual that hates her piece. Then Hannah has a weird epiphany and thinks Logan said it made fun of physical abuse because she is a survivor of abuse, she a little too sensitive to the essay because she’s been through it. Hannah is just trying to make herself feel better saying she didn’t think he essay would be that trigging to make such an emotional connection with someone. Logan denies all assumptions of her every being physically abused but Hannah doesn’t believe her. Then she explains that her essay was based on a night when her she got high off of quaaludes and asked Adam to punch her in the chest. Logan thinks it’s a little TMI (too much information) but Hannah goes on a rant about how that expression is no long valid in the age of information. Everyone wants to know everything and just wants to express themselves. Hannah then compares anyone trying to censor is no better that George W. Bush. Something tells me Lena used this episode to talk to some real live critics who have ripped apart her latest book “Not that Kind of Girl” for some of the more explicit essays she wrote about.


Afterward, feeling so misunderstood, Hannah tries to call Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) and Jessa (Jemima Kirke) collect since her phone isn’t working. Shosh and Jessa are watching Homeland when Shosh gets the call but doesn’t understand how to accept collect calls or who it’s from, oh millennials. Pissed, Hannah calls her parents and they gladly accept the charges. Hannah lies that she has a ton of friend and everything is going great at school then asks her mom if it’s normal for new places to bring up suicidal thoughts.  Not that she would do it, just the many ways on how to do it because she wants to escape so badly. He mother sympathizes and says yeah, everyone has those thoughts at different places and times in their life but then they have to hang up to continue their scrabble night. Hannah really feels alone and misinterpreted, I get it girl.


Hannah finally comes home to find her front door wide open. Scared, Hannah still goes in prepared with her keys to rip someone up.  Then Elijah (Andrea Rannels) pops out of nowhere and surprises Hannah. Elijah came because her last text bummed him out and he thought she needed some cheering up. So far, Elijah loves Iowa, some people even thought he was Blake Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds. Hannah is overjoyed that he’s there and can’t stop hugging him but knows that he didn’t come all this way just for her. Turns out, Elijah needed a vacation from NYC since he just felt like loser there and just kept seeing some disgusting things in NYC. Then Elijah has an great idea to cheer her up and invites her to a ragger on Northline Street. Hannah tries to pretend that that she can’t because of grad school but just ends up wanting to forget who they are. Don’t we all girl?


At the party, we see the duo tearing it up on the dance floor with some grinding, humping and just going crazy to Lil’ John’s Get Low. They basically bring the fucking party up a notch and everyone wants to dance with them. Elijah leaves for a second when we spots a very handsome guy in the crowd and proceeds to give him a hand job in the bathroom. The random guy says he straight and Elijah lies that he is too to let his guard down.

Back with Hannah, she is getting more to drink when she sees a young girl crying over her boyfriend cheating on her. Pissed as fuck, Hannah is about to let him having when she learns that the boyfriend goes to another college. Then Hannah gives this young girl some great advice, telling her to move on and get her rocks off. The rules of long distance relationships are don’t ask, don’t tell so she should just accept it and get her piece too, little miss fucking faithful is fucking crazy.


Later, we see Hannah wrestling in the backyard in a pool fool of blue goo as the whole party cheers her on. Hannah is just drunk and high off of life, giving no fucks at his point and wins the match.  I fucking loved this scene; it was funny and weird as fuck.

We end with a very drunk Hannah waking up a very drunk Elijah in the morning so they can go home while everyone is still asleep. Hannah admits that she misses undergrad and doesn’t like grad school, a confession we all saw coming. And we just end watching the two walk through campus laughing about the night they had.

Girls finally brought some funny to the show, thank God. I really love when Elijah and Hannah get together; they just seem to bring back the fun in Girls. I look forward in seeing what other shenanigans these two get into in Iowa.