Glee’s Newest Cast Members


Luckily, thanks to the two hour long premiere, one question is answered and our need for the campy fantasy that Glee is, is delivered in the second episode. Where the first episode was a great beginning, telling us the backstories of the current issues each character faces, the second offers us the new cast members that we seek to fill in some big shoes.


Starting with Blaine, after the big break up with Kurt and moving back home, he set on starting over new and re-embracing his past at Dalton Academy to become the best director the Warblers ever had. All seems well till the first female to attend Dalton, Jane Hayward (Samantha Marie Ware), makes a splash as she requests to try out for The Warblers. Terrified at the prospect of destroying their long held traditions as an all-male acapella group , Blaine and the Warblers hold a meeting where crazy allegations are thrown out, but eventually they all agree to give Jane a chance to at least try out.


Meanwhile back in McKinley, Rachel and Kurt are having their own problems trying to recruit new members for the New Directions. So Rachel calls in a few extra special guests for homecoming week to help spread the word out: Arite, Quinn, Puck, Santana, Mercedes, Brittney, Sam and Tina. Kurt tries to recruit the new gay football player but learns this post-modern gay teen dislikes choirs and anything that is classic gay teen stereotype. In addition, the alumni’s attempt with the 80’s classic A-Ha’s Take On Me, fails miserably. It is only after the Unholy Trinity’s, Quinn, Santana and Brittney, rendition of Ariana Granda’s Problems do they finally find some takers, cheerleading twins Mason (Billy Lewis Jr.) and Madison McCarthy (Laura Dreyfuss).

Also, after Rachel and Kurt dispute over some Glee song arrangements, they are met with the hope of a great male voice wired into the Glee room from the ventilation shaft but are unsuccessful to locate the voice thinking it came from the football team’s locker room, a homage to how Mr. Schue first discovered Finn.

Back at Dalton, Jane’s Janell Monae’s Tightrope performance for the Warblers is incredible. Her vocals and choreograph were right on point, however, the Warblers still decide not to let her in so they can keep their all-male choir tradition. Upset by the news, Blaine vows to get Jane in the Warblers by threatening to quit, anything to get her in.

We reenter McKinley with a Sue voice over as she journals her hate for the Glee club and fashions her old plan to place a saboteur inside the New Directions. Something she had done before with the unholy trinity and Kitty. But the only kid she asks, the gay football player, surprises her by turning her offer down and his lack of fear for Sue is really refreshing.

Later on, we find out that the male voice from the ventilation shaft belongs to a shy, quiet and bullied teen named Roderick (Noah Guthrie). Being harassed throughout his life for being overweight, Rachel takes it upon herself to get his golden voice on her team. His performance of Mustang Sally brings back old school blues smooth and raspy vocals that the New Directions have never had before and Roderick is immediately let into the Glee Club.

After finally recruiting Roderick, Rachel surprises everyone by revealing Jane has transferred over to McKinley after what occurred at Dalton. Upon hearing this news, Blaine is not too happy.  Believing that Rachel and Kurt poached Jane away from him, Blaine takes back the friendly competition truce Rachel, Mr. Schue and he shook on. This ends the episode with some much needed drama.


In the end, this episode has brought us four new fresh faces to the New Directions: Roderick, Jane, Mason and Madison. But there is still much left unsaid, such as what ever happened to last year’s Glee kids? Who else will join the New Directions to fill out the 10 to 12 member requirement? And, how dirty will the Glee rivals get this season?