Looking’s Results Are In


We begin this episode with Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and Kevin (Russell Tovey) in bed talking about their first crushes. Patrick reveals his first crush was his father’s friend Tony. Whenever he knew Tony was coming over, he would start dancing like his favorite solid gold dancer. Of course, at that age you really don’t understand why you are so excited, Kevin agrees and admits his crush on the UK 90’s boy band Take That. He even made a dance routine inspired by the band. Patrick asks if he can see the dance, but Kevin is too embarrassed to show him. Instead, he shows Patrick an old deck of his favorite British card game Top Trumps, sort of like the UK’s version of the Magic card game. Oh, and seeing Russell Tovey’s shake his bare ass was amazing.

After their long secret lunch break, we see Patrick fascinated by the unique art work of the Top Trumps illustrations on the train back to work. The art work then inspires Patrick to brainstorm a gay street fighter type of game with gay archetypes fighting it out. After throwing out some gay archetypes, Kevin doesn’t really like the idea which means it would probably work agree to maybe develop, but they would have keep it on the down low. Kevin then makes an insensitive joke about Patrick being able to live in the down low since they are having an affair, which permits Patrick to disclose that he has told his Dom (Murray Barlett) and Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez) about the fling. Kevin does not seem happy by the news, concerned they would tell others but Patrick reassures him they wouldn’t and they leaves it at that as they discreetly try to return back to the office. Wasn’t their already a gay fighter app being developed called Ultimate Gay Fighter?


In the office, Owen (Andrew Law) beings to interrogate Patrick about his long lunch break. Patrick lies saying he want to see a movie to clear his mind, a revival of the movie Show Girls hosted by some drag queens. Agustin’s friends organized it in some theater. Owen then becomes why more concerned that Patrick didn’t wear a hazmat suit to the theater because of bedbugs. Turns out, Owen has his own hazmat suit just in case and they get into a discussion about the irrational need of hazmat suit nowadays only to interrupted by Kevin calling Patrick into his office. Kevin is so worried that he now told Owen about the affair, he saw them talking and laughing outside. Kevin is really scared that somehow, through the gay community, the affair will back to his boyfriend and he just can’t have that. Patrick reassures him that it won’t and is now way more preoccupied that the hotel they had sex in had bedbugs, thank Owen. They both are overreacting and eventually Kevin leaves for a meeting.


Later that night, Patrick is telling Dom and Agustin about his afternoon delight with Kevin but apparently the guys are more concerned about the cesspool of a hotel they had sex in. Agustin then asks if they do more than just fuck around, do they talk even talk. Patrick says they talk about a lot and tries to defend the affair saying Kevin and his boyfriend are having major problems. But Dom and Agustin fear the Patrick is turning into Kevin’s dirty little secret, comparing Kevin paying for everything as a Pretty Woman type of deal. But Patrick just stops the conversation and asks if they can just stop judging this thing they are having, he is trying to just live in the moment and would appreciate just some support from both of them. Of course they are both happy for him, especially that he’s finally getting laid.

We then see the boys walking down a very sketchy neighborhood towards the location where Dom hopes to open his restaurant. He begins to describe the layout he wants to have but the homeless guy in the background screaming to confess your sins and car sirens are a little too distracting to hear Dom’s plans. Overall, they all agree that the neighborhood could be an up and coming neighborhood and Patrick and Agustin try to remain supportive even after Dom announces that after all the renovations and licenses for the restaurant, the cost should come out to $80,000. That is fucking crazy. We end this scene with Patrick taking a picture of Agustin and Dom outside the building so they can get the hell out of the there.


Afterwards, the boys meet up with Doris (Lauren Weedman) at a Mexican themed bar where she proceeds to ask Patrick how his affair is going. Patrick is instantly pissed that Dom told her, but to be fair he didn’t know it was a secret till today. Doris admits she’s had one before, so no judgments then brushes the subject away when they all catch a guy checking out the group. Patrick then drags Dom to restroom to help him diagnose some red bumps he has on the side of his torso. Patrick thinks it might bedbugs or worse, AIDS. Then Patrick says some really belittling AIDS panic jokes as Dom laughs along and they reminisce about the many AIDS related crises Patrick has had in the past. Dom then tells Patrick to drink more and calm the fuck down. The whole trivialization of AIDS was really fucking rude here, but I understand the fear.

Back at the bar, the all take some tequila shots when Doris decided to be blunt with Agustin and his lack of employment. Things get a little too far when Agustin calls Doris Hagville. Dom and Patrick try to defuse the situation when out of nowhere the random guy watching them from earlier interjects and introduces himself to Doris. She is just in shock that all this time he was checking her out instead of the one of the guys. Malik (Bashir Salahuddin) asks if they met before at a symphony gala, still in shock, Doris lies and says yes. Even though Doris can be blunt, I love Doris’ brashness; it’s what makes her such a great character.


A little later outside the bar, we see Agustin really outraged over Doris’ comments, thinking she’s too unfiltered and rude. Patrick agrees, like how she called his thing with Kevin an affair. Technically Kevin is the only one having an affair, not Patrick. Agustin still thinks it’s an affair but is interrupted when Patrick also calls out a comment Agustin said earlier about finally having someone to take home to his mother. Regardless of what his mother thinks, Patrick genuinely likes Kevin, which makes calling it an affair sound worse than it is. But Patrick thinks Doris might be right. Patrick beings to over analyze his situation when Agustin cuts him off because he doesn’t want to hear it anymore. He then ditches Patrick to go find Eddie (Daniel Franzese) and dance with some bears. Once Agustin is out of sight, Patrick sees a mobile HIV testing trailer near the sidewalk. Curious, he walks up and starts talking with the woman outside. He wants to get tested but is too afraid of what he results might be, so he backs out. Patrick is spiraling out of control.

We then rejoin all three of the guys in different places; Agustin is at the bear club looking for Eddie and asking a random guy he met at the Russian river if he has seen him, but has no luck finding Eddie. Back at Patrick’s, Patrick has Googled images of weird looking bumps and is trying to WebMD diagnose whatever they might by but it only leads to more panic and he calls Dom. Dom ignores his call as he is with Lynn (Scott Bakula) and knows Patrick is just overacting. Dom explains why he ignored Patrick’s call and Lynn is weirdly cool with Patrick’s irrational AIDS panic. Lynn starts talking about how his business partner wants to know more about Dom’s plans for the restaurant when Dom interrupts and tries to ask Lynn about his pass partner Bryan. Dom explains seeing all the albums of them at cabin and asks if he ever misses him. Of course Lynn misses him, but Lynn then redirects the conversation to find out if they boys locked the cabin correctly and if Dom had sex with someone else. Dom is taking back by his questioning and how upfront he is about it. Dom gets a little defenseless but Lynn just wants to know how good of a time he had. Dom admits he did have fun with another guy which Lynn is glad to hear about.


Back at the club, Agustin is now at the bar looking defeated since he couldn’t find Eddie when he is suddenly confronted by Scotty (Tanner Cohen), the guy Frank (O.T. Fagbenle) and him had a threesome with way in the first season. Making small talk, Scotty then asks how Agustin is after the horrible break with Frank. Agustin says it just turned out they wanted different things then asks how Scotty heard about it. Scotty admits that Frank told him about the break up. Agustin is surprised Frank and Scotty still talk and Scotty changes the subject to what Agustin is up too now. Agustin lies that him and some friends are working on a huge project out in LA. Scotty believes him and then orders a bottle of water. Curious, Agustin asks why the water, turns out Scotty is about to drop some GBH and GBH does not play well with alcohol. Agustin is intrigued and asks if he could have some, lying that he hasn’t had a drop of alcohol all day. After the hit, shit gets crazy. Agustin is now dancing in the middle of the club with his shirt off. And all the sudden we find Agustin outside a supermarket pass out on the sidewalk with an empty plate on his lap. Out of nowhere, Richie (Raul Castillo) sees him and wakes him up, telling him he looks like shit. Agustin begins singing a Celia Cruz song when Richie’s friends tell him to leave him. Richie then leaves with his friends, or so we’re left thinking.


We then see Patrick still obsessing over his bumps; he has now called an 1800 HIV hotline to get more information. The lady on the other line sounds annoyed and then asks if he’s ever unprotected sex. Patrick answers immediately that he never has, that would be crazy to do. After sometime on the phone, Patrick now tells the lady how much he likes how soothing her voice is when someone rings his door bell. At the door is Richie with Agustin passed out on the sidewalk. Patrick and Richie then drag Agustin to his bed when Agustin beings talking to Richie in Spanish about missing his Angel, Patrick. After shutting him up, Patrick asks what Agustin said to him, but Richie just says it was drunk talk. So cute, Richie totally misses him.

After, Pat and Richie are in the kitchen making small talk about work when Patrick asks if he is seeing anyone and immediately takes it back. Richie doesn’t answer his question but asks if Patrick is seeing anyone. After some awkward babble, Patrick settles on no he is not seeing anyone then proceeds to asks if he would have lunch with him. Richie says no and that he should leave, his friends are waiting for him. But Patrick is adamant that he they meet up sometime, whenever Richie wants. Richie finally says he will think about it and then leaves. Patrick thanks again him and we finally end the long day.


The next morning, we see Patrick at a store secretly scheduling for a HIV test, the HIV stigma is strong. Once inside getting the test, Patrick divulges to the nurse that he once had unprotected sex but reassures him that that the guy did not ejaculate inside him, just on his body. So he thinks it should be fine and then apologizes to the nurse. But the nurse tells him everyone makes mistakes and then explains how the test it done. They see how his body responds to the virus instead of testing if he already has the virus. Patrick then makes a dumb joke and the nurse asks what he sees in his results. The scene ends there and we are left wondering if Patrick is positive or negative.


We then end with Patrick barging into Kevin’s office. Kevin jokes around says Patrick can’t tease him that way; it’s not lunch time yet. But Patrick says he’s lost his sexual appetite when he went to get an HIV test. Kevin is confused to why Patrick got tested and he basically explains how freaking out their affair has drove him. Turns out Patrick, is negative and so is Kevin. But it doesn’t make him feel any better. Patrick feels so alone in this affair and asks what are they doing? Kevin then admits that he’s not alone because he is feels like fucking mess over the affair too. He has been so worried about it that he has been getting migraines, something that he hasn’t experienced since being in the closet. Then out of nowhere, Kevin decides to turn Patrick’s attention away from the issue and shows him his Take That dance routine right there and then in his glass office. To hell if his coworkers watch him or not. He then does the most adorable geeky dance routine ever while confused coworkers watch from outside but it does the trick and makes Patrick laugh out loud, he loves it. Kevin is so embarrassed that he just did that and Patrick finally seems content…for now.