Broady City Chills with some Mochalattas


In this episode we begin with Ilana and Abbi using their free movies passes to spend the day discreetly sneaking into several movies and eating tons of snacks. We follow them along as they eat what they sneaked in: slim jims, tons of candy, cereal with almond milk and Ilana cock-corning, or in this case vag-conrnig, Abbi with promise of milk duds at the bottom of her popcorn bucket. Abbi is disgusted but can’t help but laugh at Ilana’s crazy attics. Then they end their day by complaining that the movie theater quality was sub-par and they get their free movies passes back with a promise that they will be back next week.


After a hard workout, Abbi comes home to find her favorite unwelcomed guess Bevers (John Gemberling), the boyfriend of her roommate Melody that we never get to see, making a mess of her apartment. Bevers shows Abbi his ingenious plan to place a mini fridge near the couch so he doesn’t have walk to the “master fridge” and grab each item with a long grabber. As he tries to retrieve a Cinnabon frap, he inevitably spills it all over the rug. Abbi is pissed off by the mess and is about to rant only to stopped  by the sight of  the massive disgusting couch sore on lower back Bevers while he bends over to clean the mess. How long did Bevers have to stay on Abbi’s couch to get a bed sore that bad? Angry that he’s made a disgusting mess of her place, Abbi asks where the hell is Melody. Turns out she went to Hatti’s to help set up a habits for humanity program. Then Abbi tells Bevers to take a long look at his life and do something with it, she can’t take him anymore and storms off.


The next day we see Ilana at work where she continues to annoy her coworker Nicole (Nicole Drespel) and half-ass at her job. In the middle of asking Nicole a very important question, does hair from her head ever get stuck in her ass crack; her boss Todd (Chris Gethard) finally confronts her.  With the help of a good therapist, he calls out Ilana on her lack of work and gives her an ultimatum, either she makes a sale by the end of the day or she’s fired. Ilana accepts the challenge and congratulates Todd on his bravery.


We are then cut back to Abbi in her apartment as she discovers Bevers has finally left and we a gifted with the great scene ever! Abbi celebrating Bevers leave by dancing butt naked to Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory. It is the most epic thing ever.  I bet people who live alone do this type of thing quite often.


We then come back to see Ilana has come up with a brilliant plan to help her get a sale, hire interns. Comparing herself to Steve Jobs, we then see a montage of her unsuccessfully interviewing three different interns and giving them all a chance to work for her. Except, for the last interviewee that turns out to be one of Ilana’s coworkers asking her stop letting in strangers to the office.


Back with Abbi, she comes into work super energized and high on life and her coworker Trey (Paul W. Downs) notices how pumped she is. Excited to finally see a change in Abbi, Trey finally asks Abbi if she will join him in training his greatest challenge for his website. Abbi immediately agrees, finally she’s getting the chance she has always wanted. Turn outs, his greatest challenge is Bevers. Trey loves that Abbi and Bevers know each other because she knows his body and really wants Abbi to help him change this lump of clay into a sculptor. Abbi doesn’t know if she wants to train Bevers but still agrees because she can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

Meanwhile, Nicole is super annoyed by Ilana bringing in three interns out of nowhere; she only promised to bring in one. But Ilana doesn’t see the problem since they don’t get paid. Nicole tries to call Todd but he’s busy at the police station identifying a suspect of the gang that robbed him in broad day light. The gang members consist of little tween girls.


Back at the gym, Trey as has asked Abbi to help Bevers stretch out as she asks him why out of all the gyms near the apartment did he decide on her gym. Bevers simply answers it was to be close to her so they can spend all day together and help each other out. Abbi doesn’t think she needs any help but Bevers points out that she is finally training instead of cleaning. Then Bevers farts and Trey thinks Abbi did it.

In the office, Ilana is high on power as her interns are working hard and landing her some lucrative sales, $400 bucks in commission. Ilana didn’t even know that she could make commission. She loves it so much she kisses Nicole several times to celebrate. Ilana then calls her interns for a brief speech that now that she’s what commission is she wants all her interns to continue working while she takes a lunch that she may or may not come back from. She doesn’t even want any of the interns to leave and just whistles out.


At the same time, Abbi is having a really hard time motivating Bevers’ workouts, she wants to do a good job to impress Trey but Bervers is not making it easy. Trey wants Abbi to be all over him outside the gym, helping along his journey to a fitter self and promises Abbi that if she continues to help him, there’s no telling where she will end up.


We then see Abbi meet up with a power crazed Ilana in a fancy restaurant where she is forced to wear a men’s blazer over her work clothes. Ilana is \high life with her white power suit and commission. And tells Abbi that it turns out she’s an effective leader with her ethnic smorgasbord of unpaid interns. Abbi is happy for her when she drops the bomb that Bevers joined her gym and she is helping Trey train him. Ilana is happy that she is finally training even it is Bevers, it’s a huge opportunity and she needs to just run with it. Abbi agrees, it’s just her day job and she could probably train the shit out of Bevers. After they toast, Ilana clumsily ruins her white power suit with some food when Abbi explains to her that calling it her white power suit may not be the best term to use after she hired an ethic smorgasbord of unpaid interns. After lunch, Ilana begins to see what Abbi said and has a little melt down back at the office, what has she become?


However, for Abbi their lunch has empowered her to kick her training up a notch and motivate Bevers to push himself. Everything is going good till Bevers is forced to keep pushing himself on the treadmill. Exhausted, Bevers tries his best to continue but ends up tripping off the treadmill and lands hard on the floor.

Back at the office, Ilana wants to make things right and tries to set the interns free but none of them actually want to leave. They all really need the internship to gain experience for their resumes. Ilana then hands them some IOUs to pay them back for their work and hopes it will reprimand what she did to them. I fucking hated being an intern.


Meanwhile at the gym, the paramedics determine Bevers as sprained both his ankles and has a mild concussion; Abbi needs to keep him awake for the next 8 hours. Abbi apologies for pushing him so hard and Bevers forgives her, he knows she was trying to motivate him. Trey however wants to continue working out Bevers’ core while the rest of him heals. But Bevers tells him he is not coming back; he’s actually okay with the way he looks. Trey is in shock that he’s giving up and wants Abbi to help him convince Bevers not to quit but Abbi wants him to just lay off and let him leave. Trey agrees, he knows sometimes he pushes people to hard like pushing Abbi too hard to become trainer, she’s obviously a cleaner. Abbi tries to refute him, saying she was actually pretty good as a trainer right up to the treadmill accident. But Trey won’t hear of it and says goodbye to both of them. Bevers just wants to go back to their apartment, Abbi tries to correct him that it’s her apartment but has no luck.


We end this episode with Ilana and Abbi talking about child birth and how they can’t accept the facts that, not only do they have to push out a baby but they may shit themselves as well. Ilana gives Abbi permission to look away if she does. Confused, Abbi says thank you but doesn’t understand why she would be in the delivery room.  Ilana is like, duh! Who else would be her focal point while she delivers? Plus, Ilana wants to delivery in a birthing pool and thinks Abbi’s apartment would perfect for it. Abbi thinks in her bedroom wouldn’t be that bad and Ilana thanks her. Then it ends with Ilana and Abbi trying to keep Bevers awake with a string wrapped around his arm.

I sort of think Broad City may have used this episode to talk about the issues with hiring interns that resonate the message that internships are basically free labor, some have even compared it to slavery. The girls have done it again and presented a crazy day in the life of our favorite lady stoners. I can’t wait to see what antics await them in the next episode.

At the office, Todd finally comes back to find Ilana has actually closed a deal. He is really proud of her and Ilana basically takes all the credit for her intern’s work on getting the deal. Todd is also happy that she’s finally almost appropriately dressed for work.